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Commercial Property

Yes it is your business and you want your investment insured to protect you against losses and damages. If fire, smoke, wind or hail storm or vandalism to name some causes should damage your business property you would need compensation to help recover your loss. There are a variety of items to consider including computers, company papers and money, buildings and the interruption of business. This coverage is also used to cover property of others in the insured’s care, custody or control.

Time is money and you want your plan in place to get your business up and running as soon as possible should an event happen. You want to settle a loss quickly to retain your customer base and keep your cash flowing.

Consult with our Property & Casualty specialists to see what type of business property insurance is right for you. Call home today, The Home Agency that is, at 800-245-4241 or send us a message through the Contact Us Form.