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The most important thing we want to bring up in farmers minds is that when you are out looking over your crops under irrigation is to not underestimate the value of the machine that turns on the rain even if Mother Nature has turned it off! Now you may be staring out at a pivot on your farm thinking it’s a lifesaver but its 30-40 years old and probably not even worth $10,000. Well let me tell you that is a huge mistake and misunderstanding of that machines value. Now sure standing there for resale it very well might only fetch $10,000 but in the blink of an eye (and maybe a wind gust) that machine could be laying on its side and all of the sudden its value just skyrocketed to $70,000 or possibly more at least that is what it is going to take to put up a new one in its place. Believe me we have seen it and it isn’t funny how that pivots value changes with just one gust. When a pivot gets totaled it doesn’t matter whether it is a 2014 or a 1975 model, they will both cost the same to replace so why do people value the 2014 at $70,000 and have the 1975 pivot insured for only $10,000. At The Home Agency we are passionate about making sure producers understand where they may have shortfalls in their coverage and showing them what we can do to better protect them in times of loss, because paying out $60,000 to cover the rest of a new pivots cost isn’t good protection.

Thru the companies we represent coverage can be written on any age machine for full replacement cost, on a stand-alone policy that isolates its losses from the rest of your farm policy. Also included is Mechanical and Electrical failure that would cover a loss due to a bolt breaking or a micro switch failing. Then in the event of a loss these policies will save you time and money with two very important features. First if multiple machines get damaged in one storm it is a per-occurrence deductible, second the companies we represent rely highly on the dealer for repair or replacement costs and in most cases will not involve an adjuster, which will get your machine up and running as fast as possible.

Again, our main focus is getting producers to realize the true value of pivots not just the cash value at the moment. If you’re not insured for replacement cost, then your insurance is focused on the here and now and not the future storms that we hope never to see but know could be around the corner. Please give us a call for a quote for full replacement cost that values your machine where it should be and protects your farm’s bottom line. Contact us today at 800-245-4241 or send us a message through the Contact Us Form.